A Few Emails from
EarthRain Meditation Readers

Well, you asked for me to wait til I got a few issues, but I wanted to let you know that this first one has been most helpful, giving me a place to return to throughout the day.

I used the mantra Absolute Freedom, True Nature when I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. I had great dreams when I got back to sleep. A beautiful place to come back to rest.

Thank you for the inspiration and reminder, and the assistance with my practice.

Charlotte NC

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I want MORE and am sorry there isn't one today. You have no idea how I count on you. The minute I see it in my email, usually in middle of a busy workday at my computer, my breathing relaxes. Thank you.


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Hi Chet! Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I'm enjoying the meditation emails. They serve as a great reminder to slow down and breathe when I'm spending most of my time running around on the job.

In fact I mark the emails as I would work tasks so when I'm going through my to-do list, I manage to complete at least one meditational exercise as part of my 'action items.' It makes a tremendous difference in my serenity and daily attitude!

Thanks very much,

Anne V.

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Hey Chet,

Thanks for EarthRain Meditations! Truth be told, I don't sit down and meditate. (I've been meaning to!) In the meantime, I read your email and for that one brief moment, time slows down to a moment of clarity and I can exhale fully.

Later, at some random time, I'll remember the meditation and relive the moment of peace.

So you see, you are enriching my life.


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Yea I think it is a great reminder to meditate peace. I'm having trouble with getting people stuck in my head in a negative way. I wish these people the best but I sense their negative energy and sometimes have these negative feeling towards them that I don't want.

So I'm looking forward to more techniques I can use to remain positive.


My email reply to William's observation about negativity:

William, here's the best tip I know for remaining positive:

If you accept it and let it be okay, you're free of it. If you hold onto it and think about it, you're trapped.

It = anything in life.

Nice, eh? It really works, so give it try. No matter how pissed you get at someone or something, immediately accept it and let it be okay and kaboom, it's gone.



Totally okay.

We can thank Eckhart Tolle for teaching us this one. :)


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I have to tell you about something that happened over the weekend. We were vacationing on a lake and my 14 year old was water skiing for the first time.

I'm a bit nervous in the speed boat as it is, and watching him struggle to stay up on the skis and to see the fear in his eyes was really taxing my nerves.

So, I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes, took 3 deep breaths in - and blew out any anxiety. Then I opened my eyes, took a deep breath in and blew out confidence and strength to him.

I swear, all of a sudden, he looked me in the eye and broke into a huge grin.

He made it around the lake looking like a pro and was punching his fist in the air in exhilaration as dropped the tow rope at the end. I was having a hard time maintaining my focus through my tears.

Powerful stuff.

Thanks so much for providing such wonderful insight each week.


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Dear Chet Day:

I would like to say thank you for all your lessons, I feel my life become much more easier with the accompany of your teachings all along, life is meaningful again.

Whenever I have difficulties or get hurt by others in my day life, l just read your letters, then I cool down and understand that I myself, with the knowledge that you taught me, am the only person can help my own mind and to make my condition better.

To leave a room for others is to leave a room for myself.

I can not describe my feeling about your lessons, because it is so difficult to find out an exact word for it, so I Just say thank you!

kind regard


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Dear Chet,

You had asked for feedback after I received a few meditations so here goes: they are wonderful! I have shared every meditation with others and all are amazed at the simplicity of the exercises and yet how they are so profound.

Thank you so much!


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Dear Chet

For a long time I have been receiving your letters (41 letters to be exact) and every time I am amazed by how great you are at writing the letters.

And to think this all started by a pop-up.

All I'm saying is keep up the great work, I enjoy reading your letters, and using your advice to help me in my meditation.

So thank you and please keep sending them.


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Chet, I think what you are doing is a fantastic contribution to those who are seeking less stress in their day to day lives and a strengthened connection to one's own internal process.

For me, I am deep into studying for a certification as a Natural Nutritionist, hoping one day to pursue a coveted ND designation.  It's a long way off, but I realize knowledge is a harmonious practice in both time and history.  So that helps alleviate the pressure to know everything now.

Your techniques I believe are truly going to help my body's energy get in sync with the fuel I use to keep it running (organic and natural food).  Energy of course being the medium in which all things must exist, there cannot possibly be anything other than a profound positive effect on one's life by using these techniques.

I have been reading your emails every chance I get, and have already incorporated a special space in my home to practice your techniques.  Keep them coming, they are being put to great use!! 

I will be sure you update you on how my mental and physical state are being affected by your techniques.  I can tell you already, I notice myself mentally stepping outside of a stressful situation to deal with it rationally and productively.  I still very much have to make the conscious effort; however, as you say, it will become less and less of an effort and more like breathing the more I practice. 

From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for this.  I will keep in touch.

Nova Scotia, Canada

P.S. you have my full consent to use any correspondence as a testimonial promoting the benefits of your program Chet.  Please let me know if I can offer any other help in that regard.

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Dear Chet:

Thank you so much for including me in your emails. I absolutely love the content, and I always look forward to opening them when I have time to really pay attention.

In fact, the email to which I am replying makes a very good point about individual ability to slow down and pay attention. The reader/writer comments on what she does to "slow down" so that she might help a reader who has trouble with that.

While I have difficulty slowing down in my daily life, I have come to understand that it is not a difficult thing to do, it is simply a matter of my level of commitment to the process.

Your emails themselves are often what I use to begin my effort to slow down.

And sometimes, my slowing down only lasts for the time I read the email and engage in whatever activity you suggest, which might be something simple like breathing in deeply three times and feeling a certain way at the top of the breath or as I exhale.

When I recognize that I need to slow down and "relax" I simply say to myself, "Let's take just a minute or two to settle and focus."

Then, using some simple technique from one of your emails (I save them all in a special file), I commit to the act of slowing down, which, in itself, is actually part of my relaxation.

I find that "beginning" the process is what actually puts me into the "slow down" mode and begins to settle me and help with focus, without me even realizing that I am slowing down. So, it is actually starting the process itself that starts to slow me down.

Even when I might only have a minute or two, no matter where I am, I can just breathe correctly and redirect my energy effortlessly to the task at hand, which is usually avoiding just for a moment or two all other tasks at hand.

In this way, I do slow down, I do relax, and I do end up doing a better, more focused job on whatever else I was working on. I can just feel the stress melt away, and then the "work" is something I look forward to doing, and it too can be effortless.

Also, I find that the more often I do this, the more it becomes a part of my routine, the easier it becomes, and the more I seem to live in a relaxed or less-stressed state throughout the entire day. At that point, slowing down seems to be less a part of the equation because I am already in a pleasant state.

Thanks for everything, Chet!

Best and warmest regards,


P.S. If you find anything I have written to be useful at all, please feel free to share it with whomever you wish. Thanks.

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