A Few More Emails from
EarthRain Meditation Readers

Hello Chet,

I love your newsletter, the meditations are great. My favorite one is "I AM" and I have been doing it almost daily.

I have fought depression all my life, (no drugs) and meditating brings me out to a brighter place, thank you so much for all you do.

I'd like to do some kind of visualization meditation, do you have any techniques for this?

Thank you,

Miriam B.

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Hi Chet...

You're funny. Thanks for the giggle. It's all good, I don't think you need to change anything. I'm happy with the newsletters the way they are : )

My question.. I have a really really noisy mind and I cannot get it to shut up. It even wakes me at night.. how do I plug that up? I tried wearing a bandana around my head tied real tight to gag it.. but didn't work. uh huh..

Take care,


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Dear Chet,

Thanks for writing. I am enjoying the newsletters very much. I like the way that they have both brevity and depth.

I particularly enjoyed the recent link to the site with Milarepa's life history.


Peace, love, and Namaste.


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I really enjoy the news letters. I still have trouble making meditation a daily practice. Taking time for myself is still pretty new so any tips regarding that would be welcomed. Thanks.


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I wanted to share with you how I know this to be so true. My dreams reflect my open conscious mind in that I am often gliding through space, sometimes I allot 'time' to those who cannot find it within themselves.

I have seen my own free spirit urging the sad and shadowy side of me to get up and enjoy what we do have! That dream was at first startling then it was very refreshing - at the same time.

We have to sit and empty ourselves of the reality of this universe and this carnal world in order to see and experience the freedom we have been given.

I feel so free - being lonely doesn't come into play, I am surrounded by all this energy that feeds me and powers me up! Being alone can be a real downer, but as I've walked this road, I have found so much more - I know that LESS IS MORE!

Thank you for your refreshing meditations. I print them up and tape them to my wall - to focus.

Have a really great day! It's free!


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Hi There,

Thanks for give me an opportunity to tell my thoughts about your meditation... after I use one of your words from your newsletter to apply it to my meditations ('just listen') it seems so very sweet for me although I'm already learn meditations from Chinese chi-kung, Buddha meditations and Catholic meditations...

Just feel free and become part of nature even when I'm on pray meditate or nature meditate......

Just only one I suggest, it's good if you can send some meditations that can heal mind and heart. I have problem in my meditations when sometimes I have to stop immediately on that day when in my meditation feel empty mind, suddenly all the memories of sorrow with my ex-girlfriend came to my mind as like a short movie from the 1st meeting until breakup..

That's the only biggest problem I have even though I feel it doesn't make any sense... but still annoying me once a month..



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Dear Chet,

I did the meditation that you recommended and let me share the revelation:

As I inhaled deeply and held my breath, I mentally acknowledged holding and storing all of my life experiences from conception until now at my age of 40.

I acknowledged that all of those experiences were stored in some part of my being, the lungs, the heart, my back, my hands, wherever and everywhere.

As I exhaled I asked all of those experiences to be released into the universe for the universe to take care of.

After I had acknowledged and emptied my body of these burdens, I asked to freely breathe in and out the emptiness that the universe really is.

It was very liberating, thank you for facilitating freedom.


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My business, a tiny kiosko by a bridge (my official address is By the Bridge, Dewey, Culebra) means I spend a LOT of time in the middle of the bridge - I call it my air conditioner because the breeze gets cut off where I am due to foliage.

Today's meditation struck me so truly, as I often watch the change of the tide here... and it does do what it does if I open myself to it.

Sometimes when I am really hot, I have my arms up, and jokingly call it my anhinga (cormorant) pose - when it is quiet on the island, this is to friends, but I know sometimes strangers wonder, what the heck is she doing?

Flowing with the water and tides... it's a good thing.


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Dear Chet,

I always do stretching exercises first and then meditate. I usually listen to very soft music - one of my favorites is a CD of Brahms with birds in the background, or Ocean Surf - the sound of the sea with quiet music.

I believe that the best thing about meditation is that it can bring me to that state between waking and sleeping, when I feel wonderful and am at my most creative. It is not always easy to find the time to meditate, with working and having a busy family, but when I can be alone and make the time, it is fantastic.

Best regards from Jerusalem!


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Dear Chet,

Well, I thought that I would never have time to take out of the day to meditate, but I'll tell you what, I've found that I can do it just about anywhere AND when I take the time when I think I don't have time, I end up with more time as I am not trying to do things rush rush and stressed.

It is working well for me, and my family is noticing the difference.

Even my house is noticing the difference.

Thank you for your guidance.

Yvonne G.

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